Monday, January 30, 2012


Since I retired, and since I declined to run for the Republican nomernation, I have been thrashing 'round fer a way ta justeefy my existence. Well, what do them other contemplative gurus like me do.

Michael Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger, Javier Solana, Dick Cheney, and Zbigniew Brzezinski (gesundheit) all retired and joined one a them high toned think tanks. I never seen a think tank, so I am not sure that life what think tank would be like. But, I am willing to give er a try ifn the thunk bizness paid at all rightly. 

Now, if some kind reader would put me in tech with a thinken tank that lacks a quorum, tell them I am in the think tank market. I would be only too pleased to give many hours, and burn the midnight oil inta the wee hours, to advance the cause of thinking. I always said that a little thinking evry day couldn't do on one no harm. In fact, after listening to Newt Gingrich and Mittens Romney go at it, I reckon they cud use some inerstruction in the art of thinking.

Now, I don't require much. I expect to eat vittles right along with old Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney and not be at tall offendered ifn they eats with thar knife instead of their spoon. I done that onct myself, and it works find.

So, you all do keep me in mind, kindly, and tell ol Henry I is available.


Central Texas Medicated Idiot

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Long ago in about 1995, when I first put my Journal online, some dear soul read an item that offended his high toned scholarly mind. He thus sent me mail in which he tore me to shreds in the most lofty and aggravated manner.

His conclusion was, "You are an unmedicated idiot." 

I believe the child was so brilliant, with a throbbing massive intellect, that he had no time to pay attention to spelling, so he used a spell checker. Wise move no doubt, but I think when the drop box gave him a list of choices, he was so eager to slap me into submission, that he poked the wrong word. I believe he intended to choose "unmitigated," but alas, these are troubled times.

I wrote back and assured him that I was indeed "medicated" and take my pills very faithfully every day.

So, on this blog I intend to deal with some of those topics that result in the most responses from intellectuals who thrash me regularly. This will give you pause to chuckle, or you may write in your own words and tell me where to get off.

Keeping you all busy and annoyed.

Steve Van Nattan